Thessaloniki Pilot Test

If you are planning to ride on the piloted areas shown in the map below between September and December 2022, we would love for you to join us! With your participation, you will help us validate the functionalities of RidesafeUM and contribute to improve mobility in the city of Thessaloniki in cooperation with our partners Thessbike, making it safer for everyone.


To take part in the pilot, all you have to do is downloading Thessbike’s app in your phone, activating their RideSafeUM feature, and riding one of the e-scooters or cycles they are offering specifically for our trial – easily found in their app. After testing RideSafeUM on your ride with Thessbike, you will get 1 hour of free cycling or 15mins of free e-scooting from them to take another ride wherever you want in Thessaloniki!

To download Thessbike’s app and get more detail on how to activate the RideSafeUM feature, as well as on the discounts they offer, follow the link below.

Be part of the change and help us improve micromobility safety in Thessaloniki.

We are looking forward to your participation!