We are making progress! One step (and two wheels) at a time we are moving towards safer conditions for micromobility in cities.

28 de February de 2023

Enhancing Micromobility Safety: RideSafeUM Consortium Begins 2023 Edition of the Project

The RideSafeUM initiative was launched in 2022 to tackle road safety issues arising from the…
19 de January de 2023

RideSafeUM Pilot Test in Thessaloniki

Shared micromobility services have been successfully operating in Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city with a population…
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11 de January de 2023

RideSafeUM Pilot Test in Barcelona

Based on the information provided by the Institute of Regional and Metropolitan Studies of Barcelona,…
5 de January de 2023

RideSafeUM Pilot Test in Rome

The authorities in Rome are committed to promoting shared micromobility services as an efficient and…
9 de August de 2022

RideSafeUM Pilots to Evaluate its Effectiveness in Barcelona, Rome, and Thessaloniki

From September to December, the RideSafeUM application and dashboard will undergo testing in Barcelona (Spain),…
22 de April de 2022

RideSafeUM continues its progress by launching its website

The RideSafeUM project website has just launched. This online space hosts all the key information…

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