If you ride a bike or a scooter, join now for a chance to win a prize by testing the RideSafeUM app!


If you ride a bike or a scooter, join now for a chance to win a prize by testing the RideSafeUM app!


EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union, aims to accelerate solutions and the transition towards a user-centric, integrated and truly multimodal transport system.

How RideSafeUM works

Smartphone app:

Used by micromobility users during rides.
Provides information in real time based on the municipal micromobility regulation.
Accident identification.
Offers a reporting tool that allows the user to interactively share safety concerns like potholes directly with authorities.

City dashboard:

Micromobility management tool used by city authorities.
Easy-to-update regulations can be set up to inform RideSafeUM application users.
Provides data on ridership patterns, accidents and other features.
Collects all incidents reported by users allowing for rapid intervention.

Micromobility has presented itself as a deal-breaker when it comes to solving some of our most pressing urban mobility challenges to achieve sustainable and liveable cities.

However, there are still lessons to be learnt to unleash the full potential of micromobility. Safety is one of the key issues and RideSafeUM is here to help.

Safety is one of the most important aspects to improve to increase user engagement with micromobility

Solutions to safety issues must be oriented to fulfilling the needs of all affected parties: users, public authorities and shared mobility operators. RideSafeUM brings benefits to the different micromobility stakeholders

Users benefit from better information on existing restrictions (like speed limits and restricted areas) as well as quicker assistance in case of accident

City authorities gain insights from accident and incompliance data, which helps achieve better regulation and more targeted use of public space

Shared micromobility operators can smoothly react to changes in regulations, learn from RideSafeUM data and gain users in a safer environment

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